ALMA believes that there is something beyond each of us and that everyone has the potential to transform and elevate imbalances of their bodies, emotions, and mental health into a state of balance. We just created a variety of tools to make the journey easier. We aim to live in a world where everyone is in the state of now, full of bliss and elevation. ALMA is a multidimensional platform and a space for balance, consciousness, and well-being.


Our Founder

Priyanka Lugani has always had a deep fascination for the collective. This led her to travel and explore the world from different perspectives, exploring cultures, traditions and gaining knowledge in various practices, approaches to health and wellbeing.

Following these experiences, Priyanka set up Alma, a wellbeing platform centered around connecting the ancient wisdoms of the world with food, travel, art, spirit & modern- science.

Today, knowing the importance of education in creating healthy habits and behaviors for children. Priyanka focuses on developing modules that will help kids to develop holistically, respecting themselves and others, and exploring their innate nature through practices around sound, nourishment, movement, knowledge, and consciousness.